Monday, March 29, 2010

Felt Like a Roller Coaster

Hey, good afternoon.

We played bball with some elders and Sister Beck (took a picture so it might be on her blog) this morning so I'm e-mailing now.

Week has been really good, we had a baptism this past Saturday which was fun.

Glad spring break was fun, merit badges are good things to get done.

Ya for President Becks program there is a coversheet, just general stuff that he sent me so you might have it; then there is a Lesson 1 page, Lesson 2 page, etc till Lesson 5 page(for each lesson in PMG). For each lesson page we have to memorize scriptures, make lesson plan, teach, make commitments, read different stuff - so they're hard work - gives us a plan to study for our morning studies. My goal is to do a page a transfer(6 weeks). So I've done the coversheet and I am now working on the Lesson 1 page.

Elder Otto is way fun - he is exactly like Daniel Brannock in personality. Just a great, sometimes goofy, guy.

We are teaching a lot of good people so hopefully things keep going well with them - April and May will be busy months for us with baptisms hopefully. Things here are going really good so far, we have a LOT of people lined up, just need to commit them to a hard date for baptism.

Best wishes to dad on his trip - that is crazy. Hope all goes well with that. Three weeks, that's how long I had to stay in the MTC. Seems like a lot of hard work. Hopefully you can go with him.

Arizona is the only state with the word zion in it.

Most of our people come from member refferals - Members are HUGE. If you don't have the support of ward leaders/members, then missionary work is basically impossible. It is very difficult to find people to teach while tracting, but when members invite friends to activities and talk about church that is huge. Then the member invites the non-member to hear the lessons from us - then we teach and baptize. It's not effective when non-member friends have "heard of the church" and we stop by and invite them. But when the members discuss with them and invite, things go much better.

Baptism this past week went great. Standing in the circle at the confimation was really cool.

The bike is fine, back up and running. I'll try to send pictures back next week, sorry.

Glad to hear about Michael and Sterling, can you get both their e-mails. It's a lot faster to do that.

Well hope all continues to go well. Things are great for me here.

Oh I got to ride in a convertible 1953 chevy today. Felt like a roller coaster. Anthem is a really good area. Keep on keepin on.


Elder Perkins

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