Monday, March 22, 2010

Transferred Again & Answering Lots of Moms questions

Oh first- I was Emergency Transferred so I'm now in a city called Anthem because an Elder needed to go home for health reasons. So I've been out like 9 weeks and I'm in my third area with my 4th companion- crazy cool stuff.

President Beck called me at like 7:00 and told me to have my bags packed by 10:00. The Assistants picked me up and dropped me off. We cover two wards here.

I'm loving it.

I rarely wear my glasses. I wear them in church so I can see the speakers, or when I'm trying to see street signs. But most of the things I do are in close range so I don't need them. So I'm good for now.

I'll work on getting some pictures sent home.

Glad Dad's surgery went well, that's comforting to hear.

My new companion, Elder Otto is from Michigan. Elder Otto is really chill and relaxed and likes to have fun- a good guy- it'll be fun. He knows Stuart- he said that Stuart was funny and a great guy! I think they were in the same district a while back. I do not know where Stuart is right now.

We live in a pretty nice apartment here in Anthem- has it's own dishwasher, dryer and washer. We can email from the lobby of the complex, it is a very nice community. Anthem is very hilly unlike most of Phoenix area.

We are fed like every night- members here are great!

We are on bikes all of the time, sometimes members will give us rides though! Biking here isn't that bad yet. Just takes up time but it isn't that big an area so we're all good for the most part. I'll try not to get hit but no promises!!

Conner- Sounds like things are going great for ya buddy. Keep on and Keep up the good work. Good luck in your game and let me know how things go for you. Point guard is a fun position- that's all I could ever play because I could never shoot good- so it's good you can do both. Do ya'll have a tournament ya'll go to at the end? Hope all is well for you, take care cause I care- Love ya

Kellie- Sounds like you have a good time with cheer- keep up the good work. Are all of those stunts pretty easy for you to do? How much do you have to practice everyday? Glad your making some money- college isn't cheap, unless you go to BYU- it's dirt cheap there if you live with my main man Grand Master P. Hope all goes well for you. Love ya

Quinton- Sounds like you have a lot of work to do. I weigh a solid 161 right now- so I've gained 6 pounds since I've been out on my mission which isn't that bad at all. Just make sure you're putting on muscle and not the fatty fat blubber.
We have a baptism this Saturday, one in mid April planned and a few who would like to be baptized but aren't ready to commit at the moment. So things are slowly getting going in this area. I'm just trying to do my best. Yes, my companions have all been good. My philosophy is you can only have a bad companion if you let him be one. So I'm on my fourth companion now and I've only been out for like 9 weeks- really crazy! Ya, I heard about Tennessee- we had dinner at our Relief Society Presidents home in one of our ward last Saturday- and her husband gave me all the updates- so good luck to the Vols. Keep on doing good. Choose the right- Love Ya

Morgan- I'm so happy for you and your new calling- did you get a good blessing at your setting apart? I'm glad you enjoyed it. So what plans do you have for Spring Break? Have fun at Red Robin. Target is a cool store- I just bought a bike there and it has bad handlebars already and a flat tire. What are you going to buy at Target? I'm trying to be a good missionary. Keep on being nice to the Elders at church.

Love ya. Take Care, I miss you too.


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