Saturday, March 13, 2010

Something "Behooved" him

So I will go check email and respond to those at that time- It behooveth me at the present time to write somewhat concerning of this my past week.

I give an account hereafter of the more spiritual dealings and I delight in them- for it seemeth me good to write according to the Lord's will.

And it came to pass on the last PDay I wrote epistles to my parents and Sister Baker. For it behooved me at that time to write concerning my dealings with the people here.

Thus on Tuesday I received a package from back home with treats most delicious to the taste. Thanks! Gift card, stamps, letters, toys, treats, etc. were great. I made up that tuna casserole and it came out good- Elder Nielsen approved. I received a letter from Taylor and Mady. She got into BYU!

Wednesday we did like 6 hours/ 10 miles of tracting. Figured out I know 8 Navajo words: God, hello, goodbye, horse, woods, pretty, white man, yes.

I passed off teaching the 5 lessons with Elder Nielsen.

Have a solid testimony of 4x4 trucks, Mountain Dew, food on sale, members giving you rides and food.

Had a zone meeting, deep cleaned our truck, got pizza, taught Sunday School.

I have included dream catchers in package-
white leather is from a sheep
blue leather is from a deer
brown/black is from a cow
They are for the kids. Father and Mother get to decide who gets which one. If there is contention (or if no one wants them then give them away!). I got them for very cheap- got hooked up with a member in our ward (like 80% off). I thought they were very cool.

I am being transferred off the Rez- I won't know where I'm going to be until Wednesday. Probably down in Phoenix.

Ttyl. I hope all is well,


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