Monday, March 15, 2010

North Peoria, Arizona

Yes I was transferred - I am now in North Peoria. I attend the church on Jomax and Lake Pleasant.

We are actually in a three-some. Elder Chalmers is from England and has been out for 22 months - he will be leaving very shortly. Elder Allred has been out about 4 months and is from Utah. We cover 2 wards down here. Church yesterday was way awesome - it is fun being back in a ward with lots of people and kids.

I got into my area on Thursday morning. We have been doing a lot of tracting and visits to try to get to know our area, the investigators here, etc. Both Elder Chalmers and I are new to this area. So being in a 3-some has been interesting - but its been way fun so far (like hanging out at home its funner to be with 3).

I'll be able to e-mail now which will be nice. About an hour a week - usually 10-11 on Mondays.

Hope all goes well with dad's eye surgery. Tell him good luck and to take it like a man. I've heard of those floater things in people's eyes. Just bothersome from what I've been told. Well hope all goes well with him.

Tell Morgan good luck with her new calling. I know she'll be great - as long as she doesn't sing "Adam was a Prophet" every Sunday. How do you have so many jobs Morgan? I bet they keep you busy. Do you get paid? Are you keeping everything straight? Keep it up and all will be well. I have only had dinner on my mission by members like 5 times (4 in the past 4 days). They were all very good - I'm happy to be fed by members. All food is good food.

Ya Quinton will do great. Callings are fun - tell him to do a good job and keep it up and all will be well. Ya he can start preparing to go on a misison now. Not too far away.

Ya that's a funny story from Dan. Sis Baker put a bit of that story in the last letter she sent. I bet he's doing great. And I haven't heard anything from Michael - so get his e-mail or something so I can write him.

Sister Dieker rocks - tell her to tell Bernie that he better write me or Elder Dieker I should say - I like Elder Bernard Dieker myself. Does he have an e-mail? I'll try to shoot him a letter today.

All is good here for me. Everything is great. We'll keep it up. I might be accompanying one of the new members here this coming Sunday in church. So that should be interesting if I play for her. I'm loving this area a lot though. Well, hope all is great and everything going well.

Let me know if you have any questions. It's also great to have a Wal-mart - we can finally buy cheap stuff - on the Rez we only had a grocery store - so now we can buy house stuff, and other stuff blah blah blah. Let me know what else is new for you guys. Probably won't write a hand written letter this week.

Keep it up.


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