Monday, October 10, 2011

A Letter Between Two Brothers

Elder Perkins (aka brother Tyler)

This week has been great. It all started out on Wednesday, when my roommate hit his head on the door of a car and got a small concussion. This wasn't what made it a good experience. He asked me to give his a blessing so I was able to bless oil and then anoint his head with it and then the Elders Quorum President actually gave him the blessing. This was a way cool experience. It was weird because you could really feel the power of God during the blessing and when I was standing there with my hands on his head you just knew that there was power in what we were doing and you couldn't deny it. So that was way cool.

Then on Friday I got my mission call. I had a few friends over, called mom on one phone, dad and the family on one phone, and Taylor on one phone, and opened it. I will be serving in the
Bahia Blanca Mission in Argentina,
speaking Spanish! I'm way excited to go. I've been looking it up for the pastfew days and everyday I get more pumped up to go. I report to the MTC in Provo on December 21st. Which is one day after I put my availability date which was quite surprising. So I report in exactly 80 days which is also 4 days after the Fall semester ends at BYUI. So these next few months will be way crazy with school and preparing for my mission. Sunday I meet with the Bishop to get a temple recommend so I can go do baptisms which will be good. So those are a few of the cool things that have happened this week. Also, I just realized that I will report 14 days before you get home which means I won't see you for another two years which sucks. But all is well. It's good to read your e-mails each week, mom forwards them to me. So that's always fun to read.

So pretty soon I'll be writing you e-mails in Spanish so you can work on yours and maybe we will be able to chat a little in Spanish when I get home. haha


It is very good to hear from you.

So Argentina huh, that will be phenomenal for ya. It is the place you need to be at, that is for sure. One thing I've realized working so closely with President Beck and Taylor is that this work is heavily inspired. The Lord really does guide this work.

You better start learning that Espanol. I've been with a Spanish assigned speaking companion for the last 2-3 months. For 6 weeks I covered a Spanish ward so I got to go eat with members and teach - I usually just sat there and E. Falconer would translate for me, but I loved the Spanish people. They love seeing a white boy try to speak Spanish. But I had a cool experience where I was in a Spanish lesson and this less-active lady was talking in Spanish about how she had a bad experience and fell away for a bit. As she spoke, I could understand what she was saying - not sure how, could of been those 3 years of Spanish I took in high school and I was able to pick out key words about what went wrong for her - but I'd like to think it was the Spirit, and I was able to communicate back to her and after I was done speaking she just nodded and said, "Oh I understand now, that makes sense." It as an extremely great experience for me and my faith.

You will have many opportunities like that as you learn and then be able to fully communicate after about 6 months (or that's how long it takes our Spanish missionaries to learn it). It'll be fun for you. Glad that you are beginning to use the priesthood - it is very fun and rewarding. When I started my mission on the Navajo reservation, they would always ask us for blessings - very spiritual people (but we told them that if they went and got another blessing from a medicine man, that our blessing would be negated - because it shows no faith on their part). Fun stuff.

I can't believe you are leaving in December - I was talking about it with my companion a couple days ago and I didn't think you would take off so soon, but that is what happened, huh. Well then, it will be 4 years - just like we talked about. It will stink missing you, but good to know you're at the right place. I will have to download you with all my wisdom and counsel then in the next couple months and while you are on your mission. You have all the potential to become great and succeed.
I actually got a letter from Avery's mom (mama Bailey as she puts it) this week. She spoke very highly of you and the impact you've had for your family.

So are you going to start a bean and rice diet to prep you for your mission? You will probably be sick with stomach viruses the first few months until you get used to it - something to look forward to. And you will probably be attacked my wild naked tribesmen who hunt with spears and dart-guns. It will be great - something you will really love if you give it your all.

Make sure you are reading scriptures and PMG daily and praying - few little things that will prepare you a ton.

Here is a practice for you: He aqui, soy discipulo de Jesucristo, el Hijo de Dios. He sido llamado por el para declarar su palabra entre los de su pueblo, a fin de que alcancen la vida eterna.

Keep the faith,


E. Perkins

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