Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding the Elect

Greetings - we began another round of transfer planning. I'm pretty sure what the destiny is for my last few months - we'll see for sure later.

One 2 zone leader exhanges this week - both well.

Went hiking this morning with our zone. I got sunburned on my legs because they are never exposed. Elder Bird and I just hike in the back and make sure everyone gets up the mountain. We all know that there emerges 2 groups when hiking: 1) the speedsters who race up (used to be me) and 2) the slow ones. I just stay in the back and bring up the rear so the one or two slow ones don't feel so bad.

We have 2 solid investigators emerge this past week. Emily is 19 - college and is just the bomb. She loves the Book of Mormon - already in 2 Nephi and we teach her lots. She will be getting baptized last weekend in October. Then we have Perry who is 18. He loves listening to the Book of Mormon. But we took him to FHE tonight and he just loved the interaction with people and had a blast. Singles wards are the best. Really fun - people are great. He will be baptized last weekend in October as well.

President Taylor promises that there are 2 people in each area that are ready to be baptized. We started October having 2 other names in mind and had never even met Emily or Perry. 10 days in, we have dropped our original 2 and will have another 2 baptized this month. The work is true - if you work hard, are obedient, and invite all to be baptized, then you find the elect.

Testimony builder for us.
Nothing better then missionary work.

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