Monday, October 10, 2011

Conference Edition

Conference was great. I did enjoy Elder Tad Callisters talk on the Book of Mormon - lots of great talks and great notes for me.

Big message I took out was how I can 1) better understand the atonement of Christ and 2 )How I can serve and lift others around me.
I tried a new note taking way i created myself ha - i only take notes in forms of questions that come into my mind. Because then I can look at my notes later and answer the questions one day, and then again.

For example, I made notes such as:

How can I make the Book of Mormon central to my teaching?
How do others feel after they have interacted with me?
Am I positive force in the ward I serve, etc.

Seems to work nicely. I like to challenge and push myself and always be evaluating and growing.

I am getting very tired. I try to work hard and then at nights and P-days - i am just exhausted and sleep. Probably wouldn't happen if I ate a better diet. We run 2 miles every morning which wakes me up though. We had a great week in our area (even though we didn't set any baptism dates, get anyone to church, or teach any lessons with members). We found 2 excellent people who seem elect - I think they will be baptized this month. Our mission vision is to baptize 2 a month and we must be example for that. So we need some miracles.

We had 2 sister missionaries come in today from temple square. That was fun chatting with them. I did a couple exchanges which is fun too.

Life is great.

Elder Perkins

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