Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Christlike Love

Sounds good - thanks for the pictures. I love football - I miss it a lot. I'll let the Taylor's know you liked their blog. We speak with them on a daily basis.

Spanish is fun. I've now said probably 3 or 4 prayers in Spanish. I don't really know any Spanish. Elder Falconer just translates for me. I don't even study it, cause chances are it won't last too long.

My life is super busy. Going from 4 AP's down to 2 has caused us to be running around a lot. Had 3 exchanges this week - crazy. But I've absolutely loved it. Just when I think I have got it all down, they cut the AP's down and now I have to learn how to do lots more things (a lot more). Life is great.

1 August 2011 - Got to mission home at 7am. Elder Falconer went in for a procedure, so I spent the morning on splits with President Taylor. I worked mostly on the computer for Zone Leader Council tomorrow. They came back and made us some lunch. We stayed there till around 2 - so Elder Falconer could rest up a bit. Played some bball with Braden - really good kid. Shopped, took a nap. Went to office and finished up preparations for ZLC - back to mission home to drop off supplies and review everything with the Taylors. Spent another 45 min there going over it all - it will be their first one.

2 Aug 2011 - ZLC went really well. President Taylor is just the man. Sister Taylor is great. At one point, I was up speaking and sat down and Sister Taylor got up and President Taylor leaned over and said, that was great. I said, "Ya, but they love hearing from you more" and after Sister Taylor starting speaking and all the Elders perked up, he leaned back and said, "and they love Sister Taylor even more then both of us". It was funny. They are the best. Right after I began exchanges with Elder Allred - I was companions with him for one week about 17 months ago. Had a lesson with Taylor - went great - she's a 17 yr old LA that is coming back with her family which rocks. Elder Allred is a brand new zone leaders, so I gave him some advice - a little nervous for it, but he'll be fine. Called out sister exchanges tonight. I just love our sister missionaries - they are simply the best and do great things.

3 Aug 2011 - Swapped back from exchanges and we had a quick meeting with President Taylor and 2 sister missionaries which went well. Then they left and we spoke with President and Sister Taylor for probably an hour and a half about zone conference in a couple of weeks. They are so funny - showed us some video on their Facebook page - they always tell jokes and just have fun. Went to Elder Griessman's district meeting which was fine. In our Spanish ward their are 2 sets of elders and they have been saying not so good things about us to our ward leaders, so I called them out on in in the middle of the meeting when they were giving their ward report and so they had to explain it in front of us and President Taylor - they probably hate me more, but justice has been served today. That's what ya get for messing with Perkins! Lesson with Tayas was good - mostly in Spanish. Met with our WML and met with him for a bit. He has a 5 year old with Down Syndrome - she's so cute (funny story - so in elders quorum this week, the primary leader brings her in looking for the dad and he wasn't there, but the dad's friend said they could give the daughter to him). So the primary leader leaves and this girl just does her own thing as Morgan would do and just walked around the room and sat by people and told people hi for a good part of the meeting. It was so funny, then someone took her to her dad. I love solid missionaries who take care of themselves and are obedient and work hard - hard things to come by.

4 Aug 2011 - Did some weekly planning. Baked a pizza for pizza planning Thursday. We visited Leticia & Clove - who I met about a year ago when I was a DL in Deer Valley. Now they attend the Spanish branch which I help cover now. Set 2 baptism dates with them. Had coordination. Bro. Sanchez, our WML, brought us pizza - good times. Ran into office, did work, swapped with Elder Mendenhall and went out with him to Buckeye/Goodyear

5 Aug 2011 - Elder Mendenhall is the man (his dad's cousin is the BYU head football coach). Went out to a district meeting - i wish I could be a district leader so bad - It's the best by far. Back when I was a Zone Leader, Elder Mendenhall was one of our district leaders, so we go back about 9 months. He's the man - solid missionary. Got word about missionary disobedience that required some immediate action. Handled that. Set up Coleman's baptism interview. Swapped back and then did a back to back exchange, so now Elder Birch is with me.

6 Aug 2011 - Had breakfast with our Bishop at 6:30am. He's the man. Coleman passed his baptism interview - will be baptized on Sept 10 - when family comes into town from Utah - so that's great. Had lunch and then taught a new investigator - 17 years old named Blake. Has a friend in the ward - so we'll see if they can hook up for church. Swapped back with Elder Falconer. Got word about a female investigator coming on too strong to some missionaries. Spoke with them about it and gave them some counsel - all should be well. Got emergency call that some Elders had to vacate their house immediately, so spent a couple hours getting them out and into another apartment. Fun stuff. All the craziness just makes me laugh - it makes life interesting. The mission is just fun.

7 Aug 2011 - Church was fine. 3 hours in the Spanish ward was a little tough - especially fast Sunday. Cause I don't understand anything in Spanish. So it's just me thinking by myself the whole time, so time goes so slow. But it's all good. They are so funny too. In an English ward you have about 95% born into the church and 5% converts. In your average Spanish ward it's about 80% converts and 20% born in church - so they don't really know the traditions and stuff. So they do lots of funny things. In EQ's, for the lesson, we just went around the room and said our names and what we like to do. Went over to Leticia and Clove's home. I can honestly say I feel Christlike love for these 2. Leticia is in her 50's and her granddaughter clove is 14. They wanted to come to church so bad, got dressed and all, but Leticia has brain cancer and tumors on her brain and is on so much medication that she just cried to us and told us she wants to come to church and get baptized so bad, but just physically cannot get out of her house. She tried this morning and just couldn't. So tough for them. We talked with her and are bringing Bishop over tomorrow night to talk with her. They are the best. Have read the Book of Mormon twice, pay tithing, etc. They rock - solid. My body is just physically fatigued. I'm wiped out - good feeling - means I work hard I like to think. Glad tomorrow is P-day and can rest. Elder Falconer is legit - great companion, we have a lot of fun and do work.

8 Aug 2011 - baked in crock pot for first time in mission. Napped for 2 hours. Good times.

Love y'all,

Have a great week.

Elder Perkins

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