Friday, March 25, 2011

You Must Read and Pray about the Book of Mormon

We hear all about this Jimmer phenomena. He sounds really good, wish I could watch.

15 March 2011 - Taco Bell for lunch, tracted all day. Getting into the 80's now - starting to warm up. Nice being on bike again today.

16 March 2011 - Went to the start of Elder Bird's District Meeting so I could play a musical number. I played an arrangement of Come Thou Fount and 2 sister missionaries (Moody and Zollinger) sang the words of O My Father to it - sounded really nice. Then right after opening announcements, I took off with another missionary to another district meeting. Had dinner with the Wilde's. Elder Hall had a baptism interview tonight. Got home late.

17 March 2011 - Bro. Eagar took us out to Paradise Bakery for lunch. I got a soup and sandwich. Weekly planned. Rode bikes around. Stopped by the Reddings - all is good for their baptism tomorrow. Then we drove out to the Glendale North Stake - they were holding a training for all ward missionaries on how to do their calling. Elder Hall and I gave about a 15 min talk on how to be effective in the work. Funny part was after the meeting we were walking down the hallway and 2 girls walk around the corner, saw us, and then hopped back around the corner - I though it was just some giggly laurels or something. But then they came back and it was Sister Pehrson and Sister Williams, now known as Melanie and Samantha. They were in my district for like 9 and 6 months and they both had gone home about 3 months ago and came back to visit the mission. So it was very weird seeing them not in skirts and not as missionaries. So that was cool to talk with them for a few minutes.

18 March 2011 - Checked on a potential investigator who let us in. We planned on teaching the first lesson, but her Methodist grandma came in and bombarded us with anti stuff and it was tough. But we threw down some powerful testimonies and I looked at her in the eyes and told her there was nothing she could ever say that would rattle my testimony, then turned to her granddaughter and told her she must read and pray about the Book of Mormon, then we left. Then we had Austin and Aria's baptism that night and went over the first vision again. Actually got a little chocked up reciting the first vision which usually never happens. Didn't cry though, just was a little tough to speak. Baptism was awesome though. We got to confirm them right there - poolside. The stake president showed up to the baptism about 10 min. before it began and we had him pull the kids dad into a room and do a quick interview and then the dad was able to stand in the circle for the confirmation - great stuff. Then we went out to dinner with Bishop and his wife to PF Changs - I really like that restaurant - a lot. Calamari is pretty good. Began exchanges with Elder Nieman.

19 March 2011 - Tracted all day. Went to a baptism at 2 - very nice. Had Jack-N-The-Box for lunch. Got a sandwich and the two tacos of course. Had spaghetti and stuffing for dinner.

20 March 2011 - Church was good. Tracted. Dinner at Roques home.

Today we got transfer news and I will be staying here with Elder Hall again. This will make Elder Hall my longest companion. Looks like it will rain today. Hope all continues to go well. Talk to ya next week

Elder Perkins

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