Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My talk- The Baptism Interview

The Baptism Interview

To create solid baptism dates, we must clearly explain the Baptism Interview and events leading up to it. We then prepare them by teaching the doctrine and inviting them to keep commitments to live in accordance with the gospel standards found in the Baptism Interview Questions.

  1. Background
    1. We lose half of the baptism dates we set. Why?
    2. We set baptism dates and we see the path to that date, but our investigators don’t.
      1. They don’t understand what the standards are, what needs to occur, what is expected of them, the events that lead to baptism, etc.
      2. This causes dates to fall through because they feel: Not Ready, Need to Learn More, Can’t Keep All the “Rules”, Canceled Apts, Not Keeping Commitments, etc.
    3. We must set the expectations immediately for those with baptism dates or else they will continue to be pushed back or dropped.
      1. Where do we find those expectations? Baptism Interview Questions
      2. We are preparing them for their interview date, not their baptism date.

  1. Preach My Gospel Doctrine - Notice Ch. 12 is all about Preparing People for Baptism and Confirmation and all it talks about up until the baptism service is the Baptism Interview.
    1. Pg 203 – “The Baptism Interview is the way established by the Church to ensure that each candidate meets the Lord’s standards for baptism and is prepared to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost…As you teach investigators and prepare them for baptism and confirmation, make sure that they meet the qualifications for baptism.”
      1. The Baptism Interview Questions should be involved in all aspects of our teaching.
      2. Studying and Preparing to Teach – The Baptism Interview Questions are just as important as the commitments and the doctrine in lessons.
        1. Pg 19 – “The lessons contain the Baptism Interview Questions, commitments, and doctrines that you are to teach.”
        2. Pg 20 – “Focus on commitments and baptismal interview questions. Understand the baptismal interview questions and commitments.”
        3. Pg 20 – “Organize and summarize what to teach. Focus on the doctrine, baptismal interview questions, and commitments of the lessons.”
      3. What Do I Study and Teach – Chapter 3
        1. Pg 30 – “Each lesson outlines the baptismal interview questions, commitments, and doctrines that you are to teach…Use the baptismal interview questions to prepare those you teach for baptism and confirmation.
        2. Pg 31, 47, 60- “As you teach, prepare your investigators to meet the qualifications for baptism taught in D&C 31 and in the baptismal interview questions. This is best accomplished by inviting your investigators to make and keep the commitments listed below. Baptismal Interview Questions…Commitments…”
        3. Pg 74 - 79 – “Baptismal Interview Questions That Apply”
    2. Pg 204 – Third Paragraph –Clearly and simply explain the Baptism Interview
    3. Pg 204 – “When an investigator has set a firm baptismal date, schedule when you will complete all the events that lead to baptism and confirmation” (All found on teaching record – in a specific order for a reason). “Review this schedule with the person in your next meeting. If possible, the person should attend a baptismal service prior to his or her own baptism” (This is a definite possibility in this mission).
      1. Help Investigators Keep Commitments – Pg 200, bullet point 1 – “Have them write their commitment on something you leave with them” (This would be the schedule you have created for them – a calendar with events leading to their baptism date).
      2. Review this schedule often to help investigators see the path to baptism.

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