Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty Eyes

Chen Smith is back now huh - so was she planning on staying in China? or just visiting? Anyway - sounds like a crazy house with all those kids. Last time I saw the 2 yr old was when she was just a baby - cause I went away for school for 6 months, then a year on mission - so that is wierd that she's that old.

Good luck with that family - a strong fellowshipper makes all the difference in the conversion process. Usually the social conversion brings on the spiritual conversion.
Here is my week:
March 21, 2011 - Zone activity today - we set up volleyball nets - pretty fun. Only 2 missionaries in the whole zone (22 total) are getting transferred - it was the smallest transfers since Pres. Beck been here (only 27% of companionships will be affected - when he got here it was way up - one even in the 90%'s. All of this district - Deer Valley-stayed the same which was awesome. Got haircuts today, took a nap. Starting to get a cold or something. Had lesson with the Toledo's and asked again to teach the 18yr old and she said yes.

22 March 2011 - Had breakfast with President Weathersby again at 6am - 4 of the ward mission leaders came out. The french toast was really good. Feeling a bit sick - voice is all different - not throw up sick, just tired, stuffy, cough, headache, etc. Leadership Training at 2pm - was long. Then the transfer meeting was at 4:30 - they did it differently this time. They had the zone leaders move into different parts of the chapel and then when they read the new assignments, the missionaries came to you and became part of the zone - I liked it. Transfers is my favorite meeting with all the new missionaries pumped up. Had a lesson with a part-member family - the Battles - go over there with Pres. Winters in Stake Presidency.

23 March 2011 - went over and went on a 3hr exchange with our new district leader Elder Trussell - he used to be in this zone a long time ago - happy he is back - I really liked him and now he is one of our district leaders. Went to fill him in - give some mini training. Picked up a bike for the ap's and had to deliver it.

24 March 2011 - I went out to Elder Trussell's District Meeting. Right after that I went to Elder Beeston's area - new to zone - and we began an exchange so we can gage where he's at. Contacted most of the day. Some teenage girls told me I had pretty eyes. Helped someone move couches. Went to one of their Bishopric members house to follow up on the family missionary work.
(Side note) Elder Bednar said not to look at meetings as another meeting, but another opportunity to have a spiritual experience).

25 March 2011 - Exchanged back at Burger King. Put reports together most of the day actually - have both Stake Meetings this Sunday instead of just one. Swung by President Weathersby to talk (Stake President).

27 March 2011 - Church and had our 2 stake meeting with Stake Presidencies and Mission Presidency member - this time it was Elder Eagar (cousin of member we live with) at both of them. They went really good. We wanted the stake to host a ward mission leader training in the Glendale North Stake because a lot of them don't know what to do/what's going on and we got that accomplished - will be one in middle of May - would have liked to have it sooner, but that will work. In Deer Valley the stake is going to send a letter addressing the policies of coordination, focus names, etc for everyone to get on board with. I love those meetings and working with the leaders - fun stuff. It's fun to have a meeting with good discussion/ideas and then pray after and then stand shake hands, smile and say, "Isn't this fun work." I love it.
Anyway - things have been great for me. I'm staying here with Elder Hall and Brother Eagar another transfer - that will make it 6 months here. I got my package from mom today - fun stuff - thanks so much. Hope your trip was fun.
Living the dream, having a blast, reaching for the stars, staying fresh, enjoying not just enduring, smiling, having a jolly ole time, happy as ever.

Elder Perkins

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