Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Life of an AP

6 June 2011 - Had to drive all around the valley to drop off DVD's for Zone Leaders to use in their zone meetings this week. They are of a mock coordination training. Took a nice long nap.

7 June 2011 - In the office till about 1 today. Had a lesson with Nathan - he is doing great - told us he knows it is all true. Then taught the group of teenagers who only want to debate - you can see the contrast in the two. One really wants to know, the others just want to clash. Also had a lesson with a returning member - Jamie Weber which went really well.

8 June 2011 - Met President & Sister Beck at the office at 9am. Went over transfers again and made some changes on the big board. Then we all went down to the temple to do a session and confirm in the celestial room. President missed the turn-off for the temple so we pulled up to the temple at 10:51and the session was at 11 - so we all ran in and it turnes out that my recommend didn't scan right (has some water damage that messed up the barcode) - so I started guessing what the numbers were above it (two were missing) - I somehow got it right and it was like 10:54 - ran in ( Elder Brase had got my clothes ready) - it was the fastest I have ever changed and we walked straight through the chapel into the session - very close call. But it was great - the celestial room was great. They took us out to Cafe Rio after which was really great!

9 June 2011 - Weekly Planned this morning. Had another lesson with Jamie Weber, went finding most of the day. Had to go into the office from like 7-9 this evening and make agenda's and finish final preperations for tomorrow's meetings. Elder Brase and I got Subway for dinner.

10 June 2011 - At 11, we had a meeting for all the new trainees and their trainers (so the missionaries who have been in the field for only 5 weeks. We split them up - so Elder Brase and I took all the trainees and we talked with them about how their training was going, discuss struggles, etc. Was really good. Then at 1, we had a meeting for everyone who could potentially train next transfer to get them introduced to the new training program (an orientation if you will) - I got to conduct that meeting. It went really well too. Sis Beck brought us Subway for lunch after that and then we took off.

11 June 2011 - We were in the office from 12-5 today getting things ready for transfers on Tuesday - there is a lot of work to do. We did tracting most the rest of the day.

12 June 2011 - Church was great - we had 1 investigator come and 4 less-active families attend which was the most I've ever seen. It went really well. Jamie Weber finally came and she even brought her "athiest" husband who has never come into our church before and they stayed for Sunday School and he was ready to stay for Priesthood, but her medical conditions caught up to her. After we taught Nathan again (17 yr old) - it was great. We met with President from 3-4:30 and discussed the status of mission. He has less than 3 weeks left and he is sprinting to the finish. Had a great evening tracting.

Well today and tomorrow will be CRAZY - we will be everywhere. But I am excited - transfers are the best times. Hope all is well.

Elder Perkins

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