Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Able To Focus On The Work

Sounds like everyone is doing very well which is always good to hear. Glad yall enjoyed your trip to Mexico. It has to be different only having 3 kids at home now. Probably starting to get quite (then again it can't get too quite when you have Morgan always watching her movies and acting along with them).

I did pretty good this Father's Day - I received a candy bar, bag of M&M's, 3 cookies, and another treat. But it was funny because we forgot it was Father's Day over and over again.

But I am sure glad for you Dad - in our Gospel Principles class we were discussing how being a parent has helped you learn more about your heavenly parents - but I took the time to think about how my parents help me to learn about my heavenly parents. So it was a good excercise for me. Thank you for the example you set for me in all ways - Priesthood holder, hard-worker, fun to be around, positive, counseling/advice, etc. There are a lot of missionaries who have a tough time letting go of back-home and others who struggle throughout - but yall have prepared me good enough so that I have been fine out here and can focus on the work because I know everything is good back home.

Transfers is crazy!

13 Jun 2011 - Today we e-mailed early and had to work in the office till about 9:30. Then we took the van and the truck to the car-wash to get them looking nice for the new missionaires coming in tomorrow. Gassed them up and then we came home and assembled there bikes - only had 3 that came in before today. Then we went to the mission home a little after 4 and helped Sister Beck get things set up for the dinner/testimony meeting for the departing missionaries. We had dinner with them and then got to stay for there testimony meeting. Starting to see missionaries I have spent a lot of time with start to go home. We then went to the office and got there around 8 and finalized transfer business till about 10:30. We then had to drive over to the church and dump off all the supplies and finished that at about 11:30pm. Came home and had to assemble one more bike that arrived today and so we were able to get to bed at 1am.

14 Jun 2011 - Up at 6 am and went and helped/had breakfast with the departing missionaries. Then we drove them down to the airport. The airport is a crazy place at transfers. I drove the truck and dropped off some missionaries with Elder Brase at one terminal, and then I loop around the terminal till Elder Brase gets them off and comes back out, pick him up and then go to another terminal and drop him off to go get the new missionaires. I then had to drive and catch up to the van/trailer that has been circling another terminal. Once I caught him, we circled together till the new missionaries have been greeted by President and Sister Beck and are coming outside, we time it just right so that as they are walking out, we are pulling up. We jump out and load them up and then we are off again to the mission home. We got to the mission home and President wanted me to update a powerpoint with data that I had compiled earlier so that the new missionaries could see it. So I jumped on that and then stopped to eat lunch with the new missionaries. Got the computer ready to go just in time for the presentation. I help with the presentation to the new missionaries and then Elder. Brase and I take off back to the church to get everything set up for transfer meeting. Once that is prepped we go back to the mission home and pick up the new missionaries and take them to the church building. The Spanish AP's handle the leadership training meeting going on at 2:30pm and at the same time, we handle the trainer/trainee orientation meeting for the new missionaires with their trainers. It is fun seeing them get put together. I had to talk for 40 minutes on the new training program and the booklet with it (something that I barely had time to look over - one thing I've learned how to do is how to wing talks, because we have no time to prepare and give a lot of them). That was good, we end that meeting at the same time transfer meeting is starting. So President and Sister Beck and I walk into the transfer meeting and all the missionaries are already there and we start immediately after we walk in. That meeting ended at 5:30 and we found out that some new housing we opened up backfired on us and now we have Elders who don't have a place to sleep - so we work with the housing coordinator on where we can keep them for a week. Solve that while getting everyone out of the building and sorted through new car keys, area books, blah blah blah. Done around 7 and then get a little tracting in before our 8:15 coordination meeting. Get home and iron out all the questions missionaries have and in bed at 11pm.

15 June 2011 - Meeting with President and Sister Beck from 10-12. Discussing how transfers went, upcoming zone conference and zone leader council and the transition They only have about 2 weeks left. Then stay in the office till about 2 just getting everything up to date from transfers. Get to go and tract - met a Hindu women who let us in and we went over the family proclamation. She liked it and invited us back - something Hindu's never do. Then back to the office from 7-9 getting things ready for zone conference next week/ calling out assignments, etc.

16 June 2011 - Oil change took ridiculously long even with an appointment. There from 8-10am, then had to drive down with the vehicle coordinator to the Ford dealership. Got to drive the 2 new Ford Fusions we ordered back to the mission home (one will be for Sister Taylor). Got home and did some quick weekly planning and then had a lesson with Jamie Weber (been LA for a long time, but came out this past sunday) - her visiting teacher came and her priest-age son which went really well. Went tracting and then got to teach Nathan again. Went to have a dinner/lesson with a member family and their friends, but the friends baled out like 10 minutes after we had got there. So we had pizza with them and then we drove over to Deer Valley and began an exchange - so I was back at Bro. Eagars with Elder Bird.

17 June 2011 - First time Elder Bird and I have been back together in over 2 months. It's funny cause it went (District Leader/Trainer - Trainee, Zone Leader - District Leader, and now AP - Zone Leader) - he is just a great son to have had in the mission field and he has followed me so far. So it was good to be with him again. Went to the Deer Valley district meeting which I had been going to for like 15 months and it was decent - not too happy with some missionaries there. Then had lunch and we tracted a lot - was able to set up 2 appointments with people that I had taught that they haven't been able to get ahold of yet. Bro. Eagar bought us some milk shakes. Had a good wrap-up and then came back with Elder Brase.

18 June 2011 - Found a former investigator who is interested now and wants us to begin teaching her again. Her name is suzy and she is doing medical school and it got really busy last time so she had to end it with the missionaries, but now she is good to go. Back in the office from 2-5 working on stuff like our calender for the next 6 weeks and putting together zone leader exchanges, sister missionary exchanges, etc. Tracted some more.

19 June 2011 - Father's Day was good. All our lessons canceled cause it was Father's Day - you think we would have remembered, but we get caught up sometimes. Had a really nice roast dinner with President and Sister Beck. Basically the "last supper" - it will be sad to see them go. We decided to get just a tiny bit more tracting in before coming in, just as it was getting dark and ended up finding a man named Daniel. We talked with him for a good hour on his porch and he seems pretty golden - just loved the idea of the Book of Mormon - reveiwed a lot of it with him and it was really neat. We will see how it goes - our return appointment is tomorrow.

A very busy week for us, but that makes it just a lot funner. I love what I do. We have zone conference coming up so we have 3 sessions of that to go to. I got lots of new pictures that I will try to send either tonight when we go into the office of next week.
I wrote a lot this week.

Have a great week,

Elder Perkins

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