Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sundays are my favorite day here.

Hey family,

Well thank you for all the letters. They are really fun to read.

I will try to answer some of the questions yall had asked so here they are:

District Leader: The second day I was here, the branch presidency interviewed our whole district to see who they would like to call as the DL. After everyone was interviewed, they talked a bit and then they called me back out and asked if I'd be willing to do that. They don't set you apart or ask for a sustaining vote. They just make the announcement that I'm the new DL.

Tell Dad we have potatoes in some form at almost every meal. Mashed, taters, fries, classic, etc.

Tell Morgan we have decent food here, enough to get by. Some things we eat are: Pasta, sandwiches, wraps, salads, pizza, hot dogs, turkey meals, sesame chicken, chicken cordon blue, wings, and lots of good stuff. We get 3 choices at most meals.

Well let me begin with my week from last Wed.

Last wednesday we got an escort to go to the mall because my comp forgot to bring running shoes. So that was fun to get out for a bit.

We got to do an endowment session in the Provo temple which was really cool with a bunch of Elders and Sisters.
We also had a companionship in our district who began to become contentious one with another so I began working on that.

On Thursday, we started learning how to teach the plan of salvation. We wrapped up the first lesson and we feel pretty good with it.

On Friday we taught the second lesson twice. We learned a lot on how to improve. We got shut down both times pretty bad, but its really fun to testify. I had senior comp interviews. It still feels a bit wierd interviewing people but its a great learning experience. Still working with contentious companionship.
Once a week everyone in the district writes a letter to the branch president about how the week went, improvements, hopes, etc. I, in turn have to read them all and write a district report.

Our zone leaders are way cool. They are going to Hong Kong, China Cantonese speaking so I have learned a few words for Chen.

On Saturday we had a good idea for the Plan of Salvation lesson. We had the simple doctrine down, but really need to work on getting investigators involved and applying it to them (which is most important part).

We went to the Referral Center and called people to make sure they received their copy of a DVD, Book of Mormon, Bible, or whatever they called in for and we get a chance to testify. So I got to testify like to 15 different people and only 1 really listened. Ha it was way fun.

Sundays are my favorite day here. We had Branch Council, then priesthood, was interviewed, leadership, conducted our district meeting, sacrament, temple walk, and had a fireside with a Joseph Smith Expert and watched "Legacy". Everyone looks to me as the most enthusiastic and pumped member of our District which is different. I'm loving the MTC so much. Great oppurtunity.

Monday was a great experience. So we went in to a mock teaching appointment prepared to teach lesson 2 (Plan of salvation) and commit to baptism. But the Spirit totally took over the lesson and we taught totally different stuff. It was the first time that I actually felt like I was guided by the Spirit. We found out what they needed to hear to Come unto Christ, and then basically changed everything we had planned to meet those needs. I love to testify. We pin-pointed our weakness down to asking questions at the beginning of our lessons to get investigators involved immediatley and then we can work together throughout lesson well.

On Tuesday we cleaned bathrooms again. : )

We had a member of the Seventy, Elder David Evans, talk about how we need to use the Book of Mormon more often. He said it is not good enough for us to ask investigators to read only snipets and pieces, they must read the whole book. He reminded us that most of us gained our testimony after we actually read it and we need the investigators to do the same thing. Then we had our district devotional review and leadership training.

The MTC has been great. I am improving so much and the friends I've made have been great. We have a lot to do this last week. Our plane leaves Tuesday morning at like 9 a.m. for Arizona. We have 16 going down. We have a little joke here that we love to testify and its so true. Testifying is so fun.

Only 3 min left before computer shuts down. We only get 30 min here in MTC, not sure in the field.

Tell Ashton, Drew, Franci, Van Luevens, Sally, Conner, Kellie, Morgan thank you for the letters. I really appreciate them a lot. I love hearing how things are going.

Tell Grandpa he is the man. I never got a chance to tell him how much I appreciated everything he did for he. Hope he is doing alright. Its funny to think he is only like 2 min from me right now. But tell him that he was a great role model.

Thanks for letters mom and dad, I really enjoy hearing your thoughts. Tell dad I am really enjoying my time. The harder you work, the funner it gets.
32 seconds.

Much love,
Elder Perkins


  1. Wow District Leader! What a great kid and I can't believe how detailed his letters are. He is a mother's dream!!! All mothers want to know everything and he does a great job of telling it all. We love you Tyler! Congrats. Lisa

  2. I love his letters! Elder Perkins is a BORN writer - and so sincere. I'm glad he got my letter. I wish him the best!